We recently enjoyed a full day's training session on Public Liability insurance and Office 365. It's the first in a series of BRUSH UP YOUR SKILLS courses that we're holding for TGC Asia, Aktiv ASPAC, UCG Asia and Aktiv Aetos staff.

Public Liability insurance is one of those products that is really important to understand properly, and it's a popular policy with our customers. Now the people who have been trained have a clear, detailed picture of how the cover works, who it suits best, and the factors that affect underwriting, endorsements and premiums.

We all need to have a good understanding of the systems we use to support good working practices too, in this case, the Office 365 admin support system. It's great to know more about Microsoft Office 365, a collaboration platform that includes a really good email system with web access, an integrated calendar, contacts directory, support for mobile devices plus lots of email and document storage. It also provides built-in anti-spam message filtering and anti-spam tools for safe, secure working.

Training like this is important because it helps us keep our skills up to date, meet the changing demands of our workplace, support our customers and prepare for exciting new opportunities at work.

Up-to-date skills and knowledge mean we have more confidence to handle a wider range of tasks. It helps us stay flexible and keeps our enthusiasm at a high level. It's a great way to support us in our determination to make even better use of our time, more efficient and productive as well as more valuable to our employers.

Training helps us improve the skills we need to do our jobs well, and gain new skills to help us progress to promotion. Training means we can make a bigger, better contribution to our teams, and all these new skills benefit everyone who works in our Group. Last but not least, learning together means we get to know each other better, which brings us closer.

As you can imagine, everyone who attended the course is looking forward to the next one! Here are some photos to inspire you.

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