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As knowledgeable, experienced experts in the business insurance field, we have sourced a collection of top quality, flexible, reliable insurance products designed to keep your business running whatever happens. Together they protect you against a wide range of risks to give you the financial confidence you need to thrive and grow. As such we don't just sell business insurance. We sell peace of mind.

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What happens if the cargo you're carrying on someone else's behalf is lost, stolen or damaged? Can you afford to pay compensation? Not many businesses can. Luckily marine insurance covers ocean and seagoing businesses against the loss or damage of the ships and boats themselves, their cargoes, the terminals they travel from and the transport by which the cargo is transferred, acquired, or stored between its points of origin and destination.

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The construction and engineering sector is complex and multi-faceted. It comes with a suite of unique risks that can easily send your company finances into a rough spin, emptying your coffers and leaving you in a very difficult situation. The regulatory and legal landscape is correspondingly complicated, with a host of regulations and rules to abide by and more coming online every year. Add health and safety matters to the equation and the risks are considerable.

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You have a road traffic accident and your car is damaged. Perhaps it's damaged beyond repair. Few of us can afford to cover unexpected expenses related to our cars, homes and other crucial expenses, which is why most people buy a collection of insurance policies designed to protect their bank balance from disaster. These personal insurances pay out for damage to your home contents and the building itself, your vehicle and your personal effects. Other policies pay out if you suffer an accident, covering everyday expenses until you're back on your feet, or cover your medical expenses when travelling abroad for business or pleasure.

Personal insurances are designed to support your everyday life, compensating you financially when things go wrong. These products are designed to indemnify you as a private individual, putting you back in the exact same financial position as you were before the loss occurred.

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Speciality insurance

Some industries and risks are so specialised that only a specialist insurance policy will do. We have years of experience in sourcing and negotiating rock solid, top quality insurance products for every imaginable sector, industry and purpose, sometimes from respected general insurers around the world and other times from world-class specialists like Lloyd's of London, who insure thousands of unusual risks that are a challenge to underwrite.

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Employee Benefits Insurance

Employee benefits insurances are an excellent way to show your workforce that you care about their welfare. They provide a proven way to ensure your employees remain fit, healthy and financially protected, thus capable of doing a great job on your behalf.

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