Employee Benefits Insurance - Rewarding Loyal Workers

Employee Benefits insurance

Employee benefits insurances are an excellent way to show your workforce that you care about their welfare. They provide a proven way to ensure your employees remain fit, healthy and financially protected, thus capable of doing a great job on your behalf.

What is the purpose of Employee Benefits insurance?
Employee benefits insurances come in all sorts of guises, providing you with a suite of products to maintain and enhance employee loyalty.

Group Income Protection - Pays a replacement income to an employee if they cannot work because of an illness or injury.
Group Healthcare - Provides employees with fast access to medical care as a private patient.
Group Life Assurance - Designed to provide a lump sum if an employee dies while in your employment.
Group Critical Illness -Provides employees with a lump sum if they are diagnosed with a serious illness, whether they are off work or still attending.
Group Pensions - If you want to provide your people with a workplace pension, or the law dictates it in your country, we can help you set one up.
Business Protection - Sometimes your success depends on a few key employees who have specialist knowledge, skills and contacts. This life assurance policy covers every key person in your organisation.
Personal accident insurance - PA insurance pays out if a staff member has an accident in a range of circumstances, in and out of work. It covers compensation for injuries, disability or death caused by 'violent, accidental, external, visible' events.
Group hospitalisation insurance - Gives your people 24 hour hospital and surgical benefits, paying out for insured disabilities caused by illnesses and injuries. You can choose between group hospitalisation, group hospitalisation reimbursement, special hospital arrangement (SHA) insurance, or a cost plus arrangement.
Various small schemes - We also handle affordable benefits for small companies, helping them to protect their workers' health and well-being in order to maintain good levels of staff retention.

Key features
Each of the above insurance products comes with its own unique set of key features. If you'd like to discuss them with a professional expert, feel free to contact us to talk things through with a member of our team. We will make certain you choose the right set of benefits for your employees, your business and your bank balance, achieving the best of all worlds. We can also review your scheme at regular intervals to make sure it continues to be the best, most competitive solution for you and those you employ.

Valuable expert support with risk management and claims
By drawing on a wealth of experience and technical knowledge, we make sure business leaders like you get all the specialist advice you need. As well as providing excellent advice, we also help our clients mitigate any risks. We even deliver a great claims support service so everything goes smoothly. Contact us to explore the possibilities.

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