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Some industries and risks are so specialised that only a specialist insurance policy will do. We have years of experience in sourcing and negotiating rock solid, top quality insurance products for every imaginable sector, industry and purpose, sometimes from respected general insurers around the world and other times from world-class specialists like Lloyd's of London, who insure thousands of unusual risks that are a challenge to underwrite. 

All this means that we're your first stop for unusual risks, for specialist policies that are both good value for money and completely appropriate for your circumstances, tailored closely to your needs. If you want to explore the specialist insurance policies we source for a variety of important industries, sectors and individuals, click on the icon below for the details.

As you can imagine, when something goes wrong with an aircraft the results have the potential to be extremely expensive, costly enough to drive an airline or aeroplane manufacturer out of business. There are several different types of aviation insurance policy, each designed to meet a very specific set of risks. If you operate in the sector, you cannot afford not to insure your business against the worst happening.

What is the purpose of Aviation insurance?
In-Flight insurance covers an aircraft for damages that happen while the plane is in motion. Because most aircraft accidents happen while flying, this is usually the most expensive type of aviation insurance.

Ground Risk Hull insurance – Non motion – covers damages sustained while an aircraft is on the ground and not in motion. The policy includes damage as a result of crime, natural disasters, animals, uninsured aircraft and other vehicles, vandalism and theft.

Ground Risk Hull insurance – In motion – covers damage while the plane is on the ground and in motion, paying out for damage sustained during the taxi process and take-off.

Combined Single Limit Aviation insurance – A policy including public liability and passenger liability insurance, with a set payout limit for each individual incident.

Public Liability insurance – Usually required by law, this covers damage to third-party entities and property, but not damage to the plane or to the passengers in it.

Passenger Liability insurance – This provides insurance for passengers travelling in the plane while the policyholder is operating it, paying out for injuries and 'final expenses' if there's a fatality.

Key features
Each of the above insurances covers a very specific set of air travel and aeroplane-focused risks. If you'd like to talk through the cover with an expert, feel free to get in touch for a no-obligation discussion. Whatever policy or policies you need, you can rely on us to deliver the best products at competitive prices.

Professional support with Aviation insurance risk management and claims
We do much more than sell insurances. We also provide our clients with vital risk management advice and we'll also support you through the claims process, helping you navigate your claim to a successful outcome wherever possible. Please contact us to find out the details.

We understand that no two events are ever the same. Whether you are arranging an outdoor wedding, a festival, a fayre, play or concert, we will source a policy that caters for your needs perfectly. Thanks to a great relationship with our insurance company partners plus a wide choice of optional policy add-ons, we will make sure your finances are protected under a broad range of circumstances.

What is the purpose of Event insurance?
Event insurance covers every type of event including corporate events, award ceremonies, concerts, conferences, exhibitions, parties, weddings and more. The insurance pays out if your event is delayed or cancelled, or has to be stopped because of a number of common risks, leaving you in the exact same financial position as you were before the loss happened. It means you can plan your next event with peace of mind and confidence.

Key features
Here's what a good quality event policy will protect you against:

  • Event cancellation and abandonment, postponement or curtailment – Paying out for financial loss including optional protection against the loss of expected profit
  • Failure to vacate the venue by the time specified by the venue owner
  • Public liability
  • Employers liability
  • Accidental loss or damage to property that's either owned or hired in by you or the venue
  • Terrorism
  • Optional non-appearance of a key speaker, entertainer or similar
  • Optional enforced reduced attendance by delegates or other types of visitor
  • Full terrorism cover against an act of terrorism or the threat of an act

Get a quote or discuss the possibilities
We have the expertise needed to provide advice to help you minimise the risks, and we will also will support you from start to finish with making valid claims.

We arrange bespoke insurance solutions for people and organisations who hold valuable collections of fine art and other costly collectibles. Because we have access to many respected worldwide insurers, we will match your needs at a fair price and arrange the exact level of protection you need. Whether you’re a private collector or corporate collector, a dealer or gallery, a museum or even the artist, we make certain your financial interests are properly protected.

What is the purpose of Fine Art insurance?
We handle insurance for private and corporate collections, galleries and museums, artists and exhibitions, university collections, packers and shippers of fine art, and conservators and restorers. The cover is designed to protect your financial interests from a broad collection of potential risks, detailed below.

Key features

  • Cover for physical loss or damage worldwide due to a wide range of circumstances including employee dishonesty, unexplained disappearances, terrorism plus a range of bespoke risks tailored to your needs
  • Cover if the artist dies, increasing the insured value of the art to reflect its new, higher market value
  • Cover in case someone claims the art is legally theirs, not yours
  • Flexible cover for changing and expanding collections

Get expert help managing risks and making claims
We cover collections and one off fine art purchases, but we also provide expert advice on reducing the risks you face as the owner of a work of art or a collection. We will also help with claims, delivering all the support and expertise you need to ensure valid claims are notified, negotiated and paid quickly and efficiently.

Hauliers, forwarders and warehousers all have a contractual liability for loss, regardless of who is responsible for that loss. The best way to protect your business from the financial strain of a loss is to buy freight forwarders liability insurance cover.  It is very important to ensure you buy full liability protection for all of your forwarding operations, and have the right amount of cover.

What is the purpose of Freight Forwarders Liability insurance?
Imagine you are carrying freight for a business, and the cargo is lost, stolen or damaged. Your company is legally liable, but can you afford to pay out for the loss? Few freight businesses can, which is where freight forwarding liability insurance comes in. As a rule, cargo owners need marine insurance, and carriers and freight forwarders need liability insurance.

Key features

  • Loss of cargo
  • Damage to cargo
  • Any errors and omissions that you are responsible for

Unbeatable support with claims and risk management
As a specialist marine insurance intermediary, we understand there are plenty of ways to avoid or mitigate losses, and we're more than happy to help you control the risks your business faces. We are perfectly placed to identify the most competitive deal available, at the same time making sure the cover is properly tailored to your business' unique needs. We also provide our clients with a popular claims support service, helping get valid claims notified and paid quickly and efficiently. Contact us to find out more or get a quote. 

The environment is one of the world's biggest concerns right now, with businesses all over the world making efforts to cut the amount of pollution they create and do everything they can to prevent environmental damage through risks like chemical spills and poor hazardous waste management. At the same time, environmental fines are getting bigger and regulations are becoming stricter. When commercial policies don't cover pollutions risks or don't provide enough protection, WIP fills the gap.

What is the purpose of WIP?
Your current business insurance policies might not cover pollution, may not cover it fully, and can even exclude it altogether. It makes sense to invest in a dedicated Waste Insurance Program designed to protect your financial interests if something goes wrong. This product protects every size of company, large and small, against the financial risks involved in causing pollution, which can cost a fortune to clear up. It's a relatively simple product that we can usually underwrite quickly, often providing the cover you need within 3 days.

Key features
The policy covers the following:

  • 25 ton maximum per lorry at RM 37,500 per truck/lorry 
  • Removal of debris expense: RM 35,000 any one conveyance/trip with RM 150,000 in aggregate (12 months) 
  • Minimal paperwork, simple underwriting, fast cover
  • Door to Door (Factory to Factory) 
  • Riot, strike and malicious damage 
  • Hijacking and Armed Robbery 

Valuable help with WIP claims and risk management
Our claims team is ready to help policyholders submit and manage their claims, and our risk management team is available to help you reduce the risks you face. We will be pleased to answer any questions you might have about the cover. WIP is a good value for money and helps you stay safe from one of the biggest and most expensive risks faced by many businesses.

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