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Personal Insurance

You have a road traffic accident and your car is damaged. Perhaps it's damaged beyond repair. Few of us can afford to cover unexpected expenses related to our cars, homes and other crucial expenses, which is why most people buy a collection of insurance policies designed to protect their bank balance from disaster. These personal insurances pay out for damage to your home contents and the building itself, your vehicle and your personal effects. Other policies pay out if you suffer an accident, covering everyday expenses until you're back on your feet, or cover your medical expenses when travelling abroad for business or pleasure.

Personal insurances are designed to support your everyday life, compensating you financially when things go wrong. These products are designed to indemnify you as a private individual, putting you back in the exact same financial position as you were before the loss occurred.

You might be the world's finest golf player. But it's still a dangerous game and people do get injured, both players and passers by. At the same time golfing equipment is expensive and highly desirable to thieves. That's why thousands of golfers across the world buy golfer insurance to protect their financial interests. 

What is the purpose of Golfer insurance?
Like all insurance policies, golfer insurance protects your finances against the most common risks all golf players face. If something goes wrong your policy will compensate you so you're in the same financial position as you were prior to the loss, something called indemnification. 

Key features
Depending on the type and level of cover you need, a golfer insurance policy can cover all this:

  • Loss, damage or theft of your equipment and hired equipment
  • Dental treatment
  • Accidental damage to other people's property
  • Hospitalisation
  • Reimbursement of your golf club subscription
  • Public liability cover
  • Local or worldwide cover
  • Hole in one cover
  • Personal accident cover
  • Theft, loss or damage to personal possessions
  • Loss of golfing trophies

Buy the best golf insurance and get claims support too
If you'd like to buy a top quality product from a respected insurer, get sensible risk management advice and enjoy valuable professional support through the claims process, we're the ideal solution. Contact our expert team for a quote or more details.

The fabric of the building you live in is protected by home buildings insurance, also known as house owner cover. It's important protection because there are any number of serious risks that can damage a home,  often leaving people with large repair bills, something not many of us have the resources to pay for. Can you afford to pay out a fortune because your place has been damaged or even destroyed?

What is the purpose of home owner cover?

If your home is damaged by one of a collection of relatively common risks, your home owners cover will pay compensation to get your house, apartment or other kind of home repaired or rebuilt. We can cover all sorts of building styles, including standard and non-standard construction, and we have negotiated very good value products for our customers.

Key features
Depending on the type of policy you buy to cover your home buildings, you will be covered for all these risks:

  • Fire, smoke,  explosion, lightning, storm, flood and earthquake
  • Subsidence, heave and landslip
  • Malicious acts and vandalism
  • Theft and attempted theft
  • The escape of water and leaking oil
  • Falling trees
  • Accidental damage to underground pipes and cables
  • Accidental breakage of fixed glass and sanitary ware
  • The cost of tracing leaks of water or oil inside the home
  • Legal liability for injury or damage to others and their property
  • Accommodation costs if you have to temporarily move out 

Get a quote or ask questions
Feel free to contact us to talk through what you need or request a quote. As well as providing quality cover we will support you through the claims process, helping you get valid claims paid quickly. We will also help you minimise the risks you face, a popular service that our customers appreciate.

Householders face all sorts of everyday risks. If there's a fire, a flood, an explosion or any number of other disasters, your home contents could be completely destroyed or at least badly damaged. Do you have the financial resources to replace them? Most of us don't, and it's surprising how the value of your belongings adds up. It makes a lot of sense to buy home contents insurance to protect your bank balance and give you peace of mind.

What is the purpose of Home Contents insurance?
Like all insurances, home contents cover is designed to indemnify you, in other words put you back in the same financial position as you were before the loss occurred. If the contents of your home are damaged or destroyed because of any of the common insured risks the policy covers, claiming on your policy will provide the money you need to replace everything, usually on a 'new for old' basis. 

Key features
Depending on the specific policy, these are the kinds of risks covered under a good quality home contents policy:

  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • Explosion
  • Lightning
  • Earthquakes
  • Storms and floods
  • Malicious acts or vandalism
  • Theft and attempted theft
  • The escape of water
  • Oil leakage 
  • Falling trees
  • Accidental damage to computers, TVs and stereos
  • Accidental damage to business equipment like computers and photocopiers
  • Accidental breaking of mirrors and the glass in furniture
  • Your legal liability in the home for injury to others or damage to their property
  • Your legal liabilities as an individual anywhere in the world
  • Your legal liability as an employer of domestic staff at home
  • High risk belongings like jewellery
  • Alternative accommodation costs if you have to move out temporarily
  • The contents of your garden
  • Replacement locks and keys to external doors if yours are stolen
  • Personal money in your home
  • Credit card fraud 
  • The contents of your freezer
  • The loss of metered water
  • For an additional premium, you can usually also add accidental damage to your policy, covering you for accidents that damage your belongings in the home
  • For an extra premium you can usually add cover for personal possessions like watches, cameras and jewellery when outside the home

Get a quote or ask questions
Feel free to contact us to discuss what you need or request a quote based on your individual circumstances. We will support you through the claims process, helping you get valid claims paid quickly and efficiently. And we will even help you minimise the risks you face to help you avoid having to make a claim. 

Motor insurance is a strict legal requirement in most countries, something you can't legally drive without. It makes a lot of sense because motor vehicles are expensive to repair, essential to many people's jobs, can kill others when they go out of control and are desirable enough to be a theft risk.

What is the purpose of Motor Vehicles insurance?
Motor vehicle insurance protects your financial interests against a broad range of common risks, from accidents to theft, vandalism and more. If you need to make a claim it puts you back in the same financial position as you were before the loss, indemnifying you so you don't lose out. As a general rule comprehensive car insurance offers the best level of protection while third-party only and third-party, fire and theft policies only cover damage to others as the result of an accident that was your own fault.  

Key features of comprehensive motor insurance

  • Cover for accidents that are your fault
  • Cover when the person responsible, the one at fault, can’t be proved
  • Accidental damage
  • Damage caused by fire or theft 
  • Glass repair or replacement 
  • In-car equipment cover for equipment that is permanently fitted or supplied with the car as standard
  • Accessories or tools that come with the vehicle 
  • Replacement locks when your keys have been stolen
  • Travel to and from your usual workplace
  • Optional breakdown cover, courtesy car and personal accident cover

Safeguard your vehicle and benefit from risk management expertise
As well as providing top quality products we can also help you minimise the risks you face as a driver and will even support you through the claims process, getting valid claims paid quickly and smoothly. Contact us for a fast, free quote.

You have an accident that injures you. It's highly likely that you won't get any kind of compensation. If you have suffered a serious accident you might not be able to work for some time. You might lose your job, and you may even ultimately lose your home because you don't have a regular income any more. Simply recovering from a bad accident can be costly. Luckily Personal Accident insurance steps in to fill the gap and deliver peace of mind.

What is the purpose of Personal Accident insurance?
Most personal accident policies pay out lump sums when you either die or suffer bodily injury as a result of an accident or another kind of unforeseen event. Sickness, disease and any other naturally occurring condition or process are not covered – it's all about accidents.

Key features
A good quality personal accident policy will pay out the agreed sum insured under these circumstances:

  • Accidental death
  • Permanent total disablement
  • Loss of, or loss of use of, various specified body parts, for example arms or legs 
  • Some policies also cover permanent partial, temporary total and temporary partial disablement

PA cover plus help minimising the risk and support with claims
As well as a good quality PA policy, we will also provide risk management advice and help getting any valid claims paid quickly and efficiently. Contact us to find out the fine details or buy a policy.

Travel insurance is designed to protect you and your finances when you're abroad, whether it's for business or pleasure. Some insurance companies underwrite business and holiday travel policies slightly differently to take the different risks into account, others cover both types of travel. 

What is the purpose of Travel insurance?
If you're ill or injured abroad, your policy will pay out to cover the costs of treatment, hospitalisation and even repatriation to your home country, something that can otherwise cost a fortune. It protects you if you lose your luggage or your belongings are stolen, and covers you for a host more commonly-occurring risks. The idea is that whatever happens, you will be put back in the same financial position as you were before things went wrong.

Key features
Travel insurance covers a broad range of risks:

  • Medical expenses
  • Repatriation for medical reasons
  • Covers your baggage if it is lost or stolen, damaged or destroyed
  • Missed departure, covering extra accommodation and travel expenses if you miss your flight, boat or train because of a situation beyond your control
  • Cancellation or curtailment – If you have to cancel or shorten your trip your extra travel and accommodation costs are covered
  • Delays to your travel plans
  • Abandonment – if you have to completely abandon your journey
  • Personal liability
  • Optional dental emergency cover
  • Optional cover for your money, tickets and travellers cheques
  • Lost passports
  • Terrorism
  • Optional cover for winter sports
  • Optional cover for a range of extreme sports
The best policies also include a 24/7 medical helpline to call if you need help or advice. 

Contact us to find out more, get a quote or buy a policy
Feel free to contact us to ask questions or request a fast, good value quote. We also have the expertise needed to support you through the claims process if you need help making a valid claim, and will even support you with useful advice about avoiding risks and minimising the chance of having to make a claim in the first place 

We're delighted to offer MM2H - Malaysia My Second Home - an exciting migration support programme for people who want to make a great new life in Malaysia for themselves and their families.

What is the purpose of MM2H?
The MMH2 programme has been created by the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism and Culture. It's designed to let people who fit certain criteria move to Malaysia along with their loved ones, and enjoy a wonderful new life. The MM2H scheme is available to people from any country recognised officially by Malaysia. It doesn't matter what race, religion, gender or age you are, if you're accepted for the programme you can automatically bring your spouse and any unmarried children under 21 with you.

Key features
MM2H gives you everything you need to start a new life in Malaysia easily and smoothly. You'll be given a multiple-entry social visit pass for 10 years, which is easily renewable, plus medical cards for you and your family and really good, affordable, comprehensive medical insurance:

  • Guaranteed acceptance up to your 65th birthday
  • No waiting period for specific illnesses and all disabilities
  • A fast certificate of insurance and medical card
  • No co-payment necessary
  • No complicated proposal forms
  • No medical tests or examinations
  • Cashless admission
Plus generous benefits for:
  • Hospital room and board
  • Intensive care
  • Surgeon, operating theatre and anaesthetist fees
  • Day care surgery and daily inpatient visits
  • Hospital services and supplies
  • Diagnostic services and specialist fees pre-hospitalisation
  • Post-hospital treatment
  • Emergency accidental dental and outpatient treatment
  • Ambulance charges
  • Hospital administration fees
  • Goods and services tax
  • Emergency sickness treatment
  • Medical report fee
  • Lodger fees

Contact us to get answers to your questions and apply for MM2H
If you'd like to change your life for the better, you can find out more about MM2H from us. We are always happy to answer questions, so please feel free to contact us for more information.

Cats and dogs are special. We know you and your pet have a very strong bond, but we also know how expensive veterinary treatment can be. People love their pets, and there's nothing worse than struggling to pay enormous veterinary bills when your beloved cat or dog is ill or injured.

What is the purpose of pet insurance?
Pet insurance is designed to cover the costs of veterinary care. Some policies offer very limited cover, but our excellent product goes the extra mile to help you care for your beloved cat or dog for life.

Key features
Our cover includes more than many ordinary pet insurance policies. It's designed for cats and dogs who have been microchipped and applies to any pet owner aged 18 or above.

  • Medical benefits, covering veterinary bills for illnesses and injuries
  • A death benefit, which pays back the purchase price or adoption fee you paid if your pet dies through an accidental injury or illness
  • Burial or cremation costs
  • Advertising and marketing costs to help you recover a missing pet, plus a reward to offer 
  • Cattery or boarding kennel fees for your pet if you have to go into hospital for 4 days or more
  • Third party liability cover in case your pet accidentally injures someone or damages their property

Support with pet insurance claims
We do more than simply sell you the best quality, best-priced insurance products, domestic and commercial. We also provide a claims support service to help you make successful claims quickly and painlessly, an important service that our customers appreciate. If you'd like to ask questions about our pet insurance or arrange cover, contact us.

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