The MM2HAA workshop – A big success!

On Thursday 9th August 2018 we presented the Malaysia My Second Home MM2HAA National Workshop 2018, plus our associated MM2H Insurance Programme, to 210 keen agents. The event took place at the Ministry of Tourism & Culture Malaysia's magnificent Multi Purpose Hall at Putrajaya.

We were delighted to introduce the MM2H programme, Malaysia My Second Home, an exciting migration support programme, to the delegates. It's an idea from the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism and Culture, designed to let people from all over the world who fit certain criteria move to Malaysia along with their loved ones, and make it their second home.

The support we provide to people who take this brilliant opportunity is designed to help them enjoy their wonderful new life to the full, properly protected by the TGC MM2H Insurance Programme. We have designed it with them in mind, it's extremely flexible, and it can be amended and revised according to the individual MM2H applicant's needs.

The people who are accepted for MM2H are given a multiple-entry social visit pass, theirs for a full decade and easy to renew if they decide to stay for longer. No wonder so many people are thinking about bringing up their children in Malaysia and enjoying a great new life.

Here are some pictures of the event.

Time for a group photo - (left to right) Pamela Leong (Sub-committee), Krystle Chua (Assistant Secretary), Anthony Liew (Vice President), Kurt Tan (Vice President), Albert Khow (Honorary Treasurer), Michael Cheam (Committee), Mr. Liew (Committee), Tuan Wan Abdul Aziz (Immigration MM2H Unit), Puan Ernie Shylla (Visa Pass & Permit Division, Immigration Malaysia), YBhg. Datuk Rashidi bin Hasbullah (Secretary General Ministry of Tourism, Art & Culture, Malaysia), Lim Kok Sai, SMS, PJK (President of MM2HAA), Daisy Ong (Workshop Organising Chairperson), Datin Sharifah Ikhlas Syed Ismail Aljafree (Director of MM2H Division, Ministry of Tourism, Art & Culture, Malaysia), Jasmine Lee (Sub-Committee, Jayfrey Chen (Committee), Vincent Low (Committee)

An interested participant visits our booth to ask questions about our MM2H Insurance Programme.

The MM2HAA President, Mr. Lim Kok Sai, (fifth from left) plus Sub-Committee member Puan Irenazreen (first from left) visit our booth for a group photo.

VIP YBhg. Datuk Rashidi bin Hasbullah, the Secretary General Ministry of Tourism, Art & Culture, Malaysia, makes an inspirational pre-workshop speech.

We were thrilled to be involved in such an important event, and play our part in inspiring more intelligent, ambitious people to come and enjoy a new lifestyle in our beautiful country.

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