For TGC Asia, turning ten called for a big celebration . We hosted a family day for our employees, friends and families across the TAU (TGC Asia, Aktiv ASPAC and UCG Asia) Group of companies recently at the Amverton Cove Golf and Island Resort to celebrate its 10th anniversary. We'd like to share some wonderful memories here.

Work-out Girl: Susan Felix hits the gym

Working up a sweat: Jeremy Chew lends a helping hand to Lily Pow

Colleagues take time to check out the resort: Eddin Shazli and Tim Thiru

Staffs weren’t shy with helping themselves to a good dose of Vitamin D

A slice of heaven in Carey Island - Amverton Cove Golf and Island Resort

Natasya Khalid and Finah Khalid took a dip in the pool before heading off for lunch

As temperatures soar, the cool blue waters of the swimming pool seems pretty inviting for Tong Siew Lan and daughters

Strategizing at a game of chess!

No takers - yet

Off we go: Fabulous resort – so many things to do, so little time

Hard work: Staff helped themselves to a scrumptious spread

Fun loving! We could hear them before we saw them

See you at the top! – KeXin (pictured left), Jacklyn Chan and Pek Swee Cheng

A family affair: Tim Thiru and family manages a selfie

“Oh, you meant….. this Flying Fox? I thought I am here to catch bats and flying foxes” : Niam Lim

Taking aim. Meet the modern day Maid Marian : Natasya Khalid of Aktiv ASPAC

Sliding down is the easy part : Little Madhavaa

Me and m’ gurls: Alan Lim and daughters, Zoey and Bronwyn

Looking like a cool dude as always – Kevienn Tan

Wefie problems: Vincent Lam needs a tutorial

Amused by many people and activities around the resort - Little Yu Wen

A family that feasts together stays together: the Jayachandrans

James Lieu makes even the biggest of adrenalin junkies jealous

Susan Felix sets our pulses racing amidst the gorgeous vistas

A day I will remember with my sister for the rest of our lives- Zoey and Bronwyn Lim

A happy golfer – Tan Meng Chee

Enjoying golf, ample sunshine and sprawling greens – Niam Lim

Friends doing what they love together : GOLF

We were given helmets and harnesses. All we needed was COURAGE

Keep Going, Don’t Look Back : KeXin learns a life lesson from Flying Fox

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