Mission accomplished - Dubai PPL Middle East Meet 2023

Sometimes it makes sense to take our business traveling. In October we sent a small team to attend the Dubai PPL Middle East Meet 2023, held at the Marriot Resort on Palm Jumeirah between 22nd and 25th October. The intention was to showcase e-tgcinsure, spread the word, attract new customers and prospects, make valuable contacts, promote our brand, and inspire delegates so they remember us.

As the event’s only insurance provider, we managed to make quite an impact. The most valuable part of the experience was the opportunity to meet so many like-minded professionals face-to-face, talking to them about their working lives and how we can make the insurance side of work easier.

People were intrigued and excited to see the e-tgcinsure app in action, drawn in by our branded booth. The booth positioned our app and the company as a whole as a way to ‘do business better’. Big, bold QR codes led to extra information, and the free gift of Malaysian Ah Huat coffee we gave away – also branded – was a memorable talking point. People could see our stand from a distance with its clear, clean design, contemporary mobile theme, and strong messaging.

We were pleased to meet our two most important core objectives: to boost awareness in the logistics and transportation community, and to share the many benefits of the e-tgcinsure app, which PPL One Family delegates enjoyed experimenting with. Lead generation was the name of the game for our two-person sales team. We carried out 35 one-to-one meetings and closed two sales at the event itself, with more in the pipeline thanks to a valuable delegates list we’re already communicating with. We have just emailed a targeted thank you note to every delegate on the PPL mailing list, making contact in a way that gently reminds people about us and opens the door to future conversations.

The sales team led a series of popular demo tutorials and we gathered extra followers plus new likes across all our social accounts. The social side alone is an achievement when it can be a challenge to drum up followers for an insurance brand.

It is hard work meeting, greeting and convincing people. We would like to thank our staff for being so dedicated, and for spending so much time away from home. And we’ll be learning lessons from this event to make an even better impact at future events.

A big thank you to the event organisers, who did such a good job of making everyone feel welcome and helped made the event a success.

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